3 common styling mistakes + bonus tips

Here a some common mistakes curly girls might not realize they are making. I will be sharing tips on recognizing what they are and how to fix them.

We see these common mistakes made like the products that are used, and the tools that are being used according to the curl type in texture . Whether it could be fine medium or coarse textured curls choosing the wrong products could have a tremendous impact on your curls appear. Sometimes it’s the little things that we do which will make the biggest difference.

So let’s start with cleansing , a lot of curly girls make the mistake of not starting with freshly clean hair. Typically build up makes the curls look frizzy, dull, lacks lustre and shine. By not identifying when we have build up on our hair, we might tend to use the wrong shampoo and use the wrong process for our curls . Curly hair needs to be able to absorb and retain moisture in order to bring out it’s beauty.

Choose a clarifying shampoo or a deep cleansing shampoo to unclog your follicles and to strip all impurities off your curls. This will give your curls the fresh clean start it deserves. Clarifying your curls should be something that is done once a month, due to its high stripping abilities.

So a great cleanser that you can use from Shea Moisture that will help to give you a nice deep clean, is “ The Green Coconut and activated charcoal purifying and hydrating shampoo.
We also carry the “African black soap bamboo charcoal deep cleansing shampoo” from Shea Moisture. This will help to encourage the best moisture absorption possible for your curls.

Next most common mistake used is to not following up with a sulfate free shampoo after you have clarified your curls. It is imperative you follow up with a sulfate free shampoo this will help to re- balance the pH level in the hair and scalp. It is an important step that should not be missed. Most high stripping products can leave curls feeling dry and brittle. I believe hydration starts from the roots, here are some of Shea Moistures sulfate free shampoos we recommend trying from our collection “100% VIRGIN COCONUT OIL DAILY HYDRATION SHAMPOO”, and the “COCONUT & HIBISCUS CURL & SHINE SHAMPOO”.
These sulfate free shampoos are great for rebalancing the moisture level in your curls while giving them softness and shine.

Another common mistake a lot of Curly girls make would be choosing the right leave in conditioner. For instance choosing a waterbase leave in conditioner will work great on almost all curl types. Since water base products are water soluble they tend to work great with all styling products as well. I commonly see curly girls using leave in conditioners containing ingredients with heavy oil ‘s and finish with a water base product or gel. Now the mistake happens when mixing your leave in conditioner and your gel together. This might make your curls look very sudsy in appearance, leaving a filmy look on the hair once it dried (due to the hairs porosity hair might appear to dry flaky). This happens when the hairs porosity is low, too much product might be on the hair, or because you might be using a water- base gel that doesn’t blend with your oil- base leave in conditioner.

Remedy Simply rinse leave in conditioner to have a more transparent appearance. If you have high porosity hair try using Shea Moistures “100% OIL LEAVE IN TREATMENT” this will help to keep your curls nourished and smooth. For low porosity curls I suggest our “HEMP SEED OIL LUSH LITE LEAVE IN” a light weight formula that won’t weight your curls down.

Bonus Tips

  • Here is “The biggest drying common mistake” when it comes to styling curly hair.
  • If your hair looks frizzy before it’s dry, it will look frizzy when it’s dry!!
  • Advice is to keep your curls soaking wet while applying your products.
  • Try not to touch your curls too much before it dries. Excessive manipulation will make your curls look frizzy, this mistake will kill your finished look.
  • Allow your curls to completely dry before breaking your gels casting.
  • Try sitting under a hooded dryer,
  • Or diffusing your curls a section at a time until it’s completely dry.

So by choosing to deep clean your curls, then follow up with a sulfate free shampoo and use the right leave in conditioners you can break the common mistakes Woman make with their curly hair!!