Braids and extension services

A great way to give your hair a break. Our protective style options range with many different styles. All styles includes a wash. Hair extensions are not included. Please send us a picture or make a consultation before booking these appointments.

Cornrows w/ extensions

Basic cornrows with extensions

Cost $75-$120

Feed in cornrows

Invisible cornrows 4-6 rows, including a wash

Cost $100-$135

Feed in Cornrows (multi rows)

Invisible Cornrow Extension’s multi rows small to med size including wash

Cost $160-$200

Braided Up-do

This style includes a feed in look, regular cornrows

Cost $100-$180

Crochet Braids w/ wash

Crochet braids installation including a wash.

Cost $180-$220

Single braids

Choose braid styles such as kinky twist, poetic justice braids, jumbo braids, single twists). Consult with us after booking your appointment to find out which hair to ideal to purchase prior to being serviced. Including a wash

Cost $220-$380


All our appointments start off with a complimentary consultation