Keina Curl Educator

Keina has been a licensed professional Curl specialist for over the past 13 years, working predominately with naturally curly hair. For the past 8 years she has helped train salons, worked with the educational Farouk systems team (a hugh product company) and taught at hair schools like Avoloa College in Toronto. In 2015 Keina became a member and educator with Curl Hair Artistry (CHA).This is a group of elite curl specialist from around the world mastermind group where she shares her methods and techniques on type 4 curl textures. Since then Keina has opened Toronto’s curl Salon now called Urban Curls Boutique. Keina created a safe environment for naturals to learn about taking care of their own tresses while experiencing a more holistic approach to curl care products and services. Now she’s giving back by sharing her knowledge on how to care for natural curls.

Jr. Curl Specialist

Jr Stylist and Receptionist in training to be a curl specialist. Ladan has a passion for natural hair styling. Her goal is to specialize in naturally curly hair and hair coloring. Ladan has been trained in shaping and styling all curl types and textures. She makes an excellent member to our growing team.

Curl Specialist

Jade our Curl Specialist is super patient trained to help make recommendations for your needs. Jade enjoys curly cuts, natural hair styling, silk press blowouts as well as hair extensions (like single and cornrows). Jade r colour services include root touch up applications and highlights and balayge to name a few. Hair extensions and wig installs are all parts of her specialties.

Curl Specialist

Cindy’s talents are endless. Her skills include locs, curly cuts, braiding, weaving, and silkpresses and hair colouring to name a few. Even though Cindy has years of experience as a hairstyist she is our newest graduated curl specialist and we are thrilled to have such versatility within one stylist on our team. Oyou meet her you will love her!

Curl Specialist

With over 3 years of being an experienced curl specialist, Tristiana has proven that she has what it takes to transform any curl type and texture. Patient and hardworking, Tristiana has the necessary skills needed to transform your curls, Whether it’s a cut or curly you will be happy to have booked with her.

Senior Curl Specialist

Shanica is our senior curl specialist to our team, has always had a passion for natural haircare. Shanica has built a reputation in the natural hair community through her relentless work ethic, skills and passion for helping others. Shanica’s skills include curly cuts, treatments, curl styling, coloring and silkpress blowouts. Shanica is a wonderful person that is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly.