Curly Cuts

Curly cuts

Our Curly cuts are designed to bring out the best in your naturally curly hair.
We share how to embrace your curls , by sharing best practices and tips throughout your entire service.
We will always start with a consultation so that we can get to better understand your needs and goals.

Dry cutting and shaping in super textured curls are one of the specialized skills that separates us from many salons. We analyze how the hair sits and frames your face, how the curls fall or cascade. This helps to bring out the best shape for you. And your curls. We are Deva curl inspired stylists, that goes beyond boundaries with our approach to our curl cutting method.
As we all know, not all curls are the same and not all curls should be treated the same. We take a customized approach to every clients needs.
We have a wide range of curl types seen on a daily basis, which gives us the ability to understand curls better than an average stylists.
Our clients range from wavy coils to super tight 4C (kinky-coily) hair textures.

Join the movement to a more holistic approach to naturally curly hair services and education.